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DEN Project

"DEN" , the brand name of our proud lacquerware applying Takaoka's traditional craft having lacquer and mother- of- pearl.
This project has been initiated with the theme that the traditional lacquer
technique familiar since ancient days should be recreated in the modern industrial arts.
Inviting design director Satoshi Umeno to our team, our technique has developed the production method keeping the taste of Takaoka's lacquerware
and furthermore our products are made of domestic woods and are finished by craftsmanユs careful handwork.
And Takaoka's unique technique of mother- of- pearl is focused too for production of glasswares.
Our brand "DEN" will continuously offer the wider range of modern lacquerwares which can be loved by everybody eternally.

"RADEN" (mother of pearl design)
Is one of the prominent techniques of traditional industrial arts created initially in the era of Tenpyo of 8th century and is preserved in "Shosoin" in Nara pref.,famous for keeping ancient historical arts.
Slicing those shells of shine of iris like abalone into 0.1mm thin, we cut them into small pieces by knives and needles and picture landscapes, flowers and birds by combining these small pieces. Such technique is one of Takaokaユs
typical ones and was nominated for 'National Traditional Industrial Arts'
for its magnificent and graceful quality in 1975.

Emperor Maeda also started making Takaoka-shikki (Japanese lacquer ware).

Emperor Maeda also started making Takaoka-shikki (Japanese lacquer ware).
Chinese techniques such as "TSUISHU" and "TSUIKOKU" were incorporated into
Takaoka-shikki and so Takaoka city became famous for its beautiful Japanese
design of Takaoka-shikki products.
The design techniques were then also used in the building of products traditionally
used in local festivals, and so became part of the local culture.
Takaoka-shikki (Japanese lacquer ware)was officially recognized
as a "traditional craft" in 1975.