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About us


President    :Takahisa Amano

Establishment :1892

Address    :933 - 0958
         245 Haoka Takaoka City , Toyama
         Tel .+81(0)766-23-2151  Fax .+81(0)766-25-6150


Capital found  :¥100,000,000

Employees   :8

Business    :Producing and selling of shiiki (Japanese lacquer ware)

Hours      :am 9:00 〜 pm 5:00
Regular holiday :Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, summer season and New years

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Corporate History

1892:The company is established in Tatujirou Amano syoutenn
1913:Expands to Tohoku area
1916:expands North eastern Japan.
1919:expands to hokaidou
1922:The company sells products to department stores in southユs eastern Japan.
1939:The company was asked to create a new product by a cabinet.
1954:The company was asked to produce new charcoal brazier
    by a famous electronic maker. 
1962:The ccompany built a new main office.
1971:Amano-shiiki corporation become corporate business
1982:The main office, factory and exhibition hall were complited.